Global Entry Appointment Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

A few users may have experienced alerts for the wrong location between the hours of 9AM and 4:30PM PST on August 3rd, 2022. This issue has been resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Is there a Mobile App?

No. After research there are several reasons I've decided against a mobile app:

  • I get to skip app store submissions. This means faster development cycles which means:
    • faster feature upgrades
    • faster fixes
    • faster on-the-spot support
  • Mobile apps take up space, period.
  • SMS alerts are easier to activate and/or pause (by using start/stop commands)
    • otherwise if using a mobile app, you have to either:
      • remove the app entirely
      • silence it's notifications, or
      • go through some custom flow within the mobile application to start/stop notifications
  • Most of us are already familiar with SMS subscriptions and how to manage them
  • Most of us are already texting anyway!
  • SMS reaches a wider audience
  • Mobile apps require a different level of trust
  • Logging and transparency is valuable to me. I'm willing to show you the Twilio logs to your messages at any time.
  • A mobile app can require location sharing (depending on design)

Can I unsubscribe from alerts if I no longer want them?

Twitter Mentions: Yes. An unsubscribe flow should have been sent to your Direct Message. Reach out to me if not.

SMS Alerts: Yes! Simply text "STOP" and alerts for all locations will stop effective immediately. To stop alerts for an individual location, use "STATUS" and then the corresponding locations "end" command will show.

Is "Global Entry Now" affiliated with the official Trusted Traveler Program?

No! Absolutely not. While the service provided here is completely ethical, there is no official relation with the government program. Would be nice!

Appointments for my location(s) are far in advance and I hope to schedule one sooner.

Appointments in the near future randomly and frequently open up (see screenshot below). SMS alerts are especially helpful in this case where the soonest date is way in the future. Twitter Mentions on the other hand will alert you for the next three appointment changes.
(for context, the date is May 20th in this example)

Can I change/update a location that I signed up for?

Twitter Mentions: its best that you complete another form

SMS Alerts: this case hasn't been completely built out yet. reach out if this happens for a manual update.

(SMS Only) I did not sign up for 3 locations. Can I add more?

Yes. While this functionality is being built out, feel free to reach out to me so that I can add them manually.